Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 31 After You Put It On, You Can’t Take It Off, Part 2

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She tightened her throat and yelled, “Paying respects to Thirteenth Wangzi!”

Thirteen frowned. Why was the voice so strange? She sounded like a brothel keeper.

“Call me Li Yang.” Besides Fuwang [Imperial Emperor Father] and Muhou [Imperial Empress Mother], this was the first time he allowed someone else to use his name. Because this yatou was special to him.

“Would I be beheaded?” She blinked rapidly. She did not want to discuss these trivialities with Thirteenth Wangzi in her boudoir. But he wasn’t leaving and she couldn’t scream. She would have lots of troubles if she screamed. After thinking, she decided to accommodate this nuisance.

“Rest assured. With Benwang here, your head is very safe.” Displeased, he lifted her chin. “You don’t want to call me that?”

“Li…Yang,” she gritted out.

“The voice is too stiff. Say it again,” he frowned.

“Li? Yang.”

“The voice is too low. The tone is too light. I couldn’t hear.”


“You’re not a stutterer. If you don’t say my name correctly, I will kiss you.” He was getting angry. Such a simple thing and this yatou played dumb.

Hua YuMan reddened. Both embarrassed and angry, she called out, “Li Yang.”

Looking at her red cheeks, he was in a good mood. “En. That’s it.” He stood up and lightly touched her shy face. “Remember, it should be like that from now on. If there’s something, find me directly.” He took a ring off his own finger. He gently pulled and extracted a smaller ring. He directly grabbed Hua YuMan’s hand and put it on her left ring finger.

She raised her hand and saw a five-colored glass ring. There was a pattern of a warm sun on it. [The character for sun is “Yang,” the same as his name.] It should be an insignia of Thirteenth Wangzi’s identity. He actually gave her something like this?  

“Since you put it on, you can’t take it off. I’m going!” Thirteen did not give her an opportunity to refuse. He opened the door and leapt. He disappeared in the blink of an eye, so fast that she couldn’t see his shadow.


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