Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 30 Not Like the Rumors of Being a Love-Struck Fool, Part 2

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Hua YuMan’s attitude was respectful and polite. From her words, Shopkeeper Ding thought she was a decisive and insightful woman. She was not like the rumors of being a “love-struck fool.” In addition, the last time she was injured in his store, he already had a good impression of her. So he comforted, “Later, I will send a doctor and pharmacist to change his dressing. Hua Xiaojie should pay attention to safety.”

Shopkeeper Ding hinted, but did not say explicitly.

“Thank you shopkeeper uncle! I understand. Man’er will see you out!”

“Thank you for your trouble then!”

Hua YuKang woke up in the middle of the night. He was very calm examining his own injuries. Looking at his sister sleeping by his bedside, he was very distressed.

“Man’er!” He called softly.

Hua YuMan immediately opened her eyes and sat upright. She saw her brother awake and immediately smiled, “Brother, you’re awake.” She rubbed her wet eyes. “Brother, are you thirsty?”


Hua YuMan poured water and helped him drink it. “Are you hungry?”

“I’m not hungry. You go rest. Just let the servants serve.”

“No. The doctor said you might get a fever. I want to keep watch over you. I was very afraid you won’t wake up.” She grabbed his hand, “Brother, Man’er will watch over you. The servants will come tomorrow, okay?”

“Silly girl. It’s not convenient to keep watch. Brother can’t have you carry me to the bathroom!” Hua YuKang smiled. It was nice to have a sister carefully take care of him!

But this really was a silly girl. She actually personally kept watch a whole night.

Hua YuMan was startled and then felt embarrassed. It was her negligence. She rushed to the door and called the housekeeper and her brother’s personal bodyguard standing guard outside. She left.

Overnight, rumors emerged in rapid succession like spring bamboo after rain in all corners of Licheng. The first thing Hua YuMan saw when she opened her eyes in the morning was the cheerful face of Thirteenth Wangzi sitting by her bedside.


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