Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 30 Not Like the Rumors of Being a Love-Struck Fool, Part 1

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From her Xiaojie’s angry face, it seemed like she divined the attacker’s identity. Yintao asked in a small voice, “What do we do now, Xiaojie?”

“Go immediately to Hengfeng Pharmacy and think of a way to bring the shopkeeper and pharmacist over. Say that Young General has not woken up due to poison or knockout drugs. Then spread the news that brother is injured everywhere and make it sound more serious.”

“Xiaojie, wouldn’t this lower Young General’s reputation?” It was a disgrace for the mighty Young General of Hua Manor to be beaten half to death by unknown assailants.

“Losing reputation is fine. Let people know that the one who secretly hurt my brother is General Leng Xu. Since my father is not home, he publicly avenged private disputes. He resents my father and brother for not giving in to his selfish desires. In the morning, release the rumor that Leng Xu recommends himself to escort Tenth Princess for the marriage alliance to prove his innocence.”

Yintao understood now. Young General was injured by the Leng father and daughters. The two Leng Biao Xiaojies had returned home to sow discord. Those wolves really had ruthless hearts. They really beat Young General and even used knockout drugs. “Don’t worry, Xiaojie. Yintao is going.”

Soon, Hengfeng Pharmacy’s shopkeeper and pharmacist arrived. They carefully examined Hua YuKang and discovered that Young General was poisoned and still had minute traces in his body. Other than the broken right hand and left leg, the other injuries were neither light nor heavy. Yet, he still needed a few months to recover.

“Hua Xiaojie, Young General’s injuries have new medication on. He just needs time to recuperate. Why did Hua Xiaojie ask for people from Hengfeng Pharmacy?” Shopkeeper Ding felt it was strange. The wounded noble people usually invited an imperial physician or doctor. Few people went to his store for a pharmacist.

“Shopkeeper uncle, my brother is the Young General and his skills aren’t bad. But it’s not like him to be seriously injured and not wake up. Father and brother were injured by arrows and still woke up. The previous doctor was evasive and hesitant. In the end, he didn’t say anything. I was uneasy. I had to suspect that brother was poisoned or knocked out by drugs. In the whole Licheng, I know shopkeeper uncle and Hengfeng Pharmacy well. So I had people invite you over. I really troubled you.”


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