Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 29 Young General is Injured, Part 2

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Because the Flower Spirit Divination Hall’s working hours were short, Hua YuMan had lots of free time. Of course, taking care of the flowers and plants when she returned home was the most time-consuming. She treated them meticulously, exactly like she would close friends.

“Xiaojie, it’s bad. Young General is injured,” Hua Manor’s servants hurriedly ran into the courtyard and shouted.

Hua YuMan immediately rushed outside. At the door, she saw her brother being carried in. She immediately burst into tears.

“What’s going on? Who injured my brother?”

Hua YuKang was unconscious and covered in blood. The accompanying doctor said the injuries were not light. His hands and feet were broken.

When everyone thought that Hua YuMan would cry, she, on the contrary, bravely wiped the tears off from her face. She commanded the servants to carefully carry Hua YuKang back to his courtyard and let the doctor carefully treat him. She had people strengthen Hua Manor’s defenses and to refuse visitors.

The doctor was busy for four to six hours. He wrote a prescription and gave orders to let him recuperate. But he did not say why her brother did not wake up and left.

“Xiaojie, who do you think would dare to hurt Young General?” Yintao angrily asked after thinking. Young General’s skills were not bad enough to be seriously injured like this.

“QingQing, guard the door. Don’t let anyone in,” Hua YuMan ordered the Hei QingQing behind her.

“Yes, Xiaojie.” Hei QingQing shut the door and went out. Maybe because of her ability, her hearing and eyesight were better than the average person. If there were restless people, she could detect them faster than the Yintao who was well-versed in martial arts. She would wholeheartedly and conscientiously carry out Xiaojie’s orders.

Hua YuMan took out flower petals and started divining…

Soon, she found out the reason for her brother’s unconsciousness. It was a knockout drug. Someone gave her brother knockout drugs.

What a good Leng Xu. You dared to attack my brother. It seemed like you don’t want to live good days anymore.


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