Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 29 Young General is Injured, Part 1

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“It’s fine if you don’t want a divination session. Don’t be embarrassed. Goodbye!” Hua YuMan would never force someone to do something. She was getting ready to close the door.

“No, Flower Dashi, please trouble you to look at this…this is our ancestors’ treasure map. I just need to know the location on the map.” The old man withdrew a shabby piece of paper from his arms.

Hua YuMan waved her hand to let him choose a flower petal first. The old man casually picked a petal and put it on top of the worn piece of paper. Then the petal and the paper floated through the curtain and fell firmly into her hand.

After a bit, Hua YuMan gently threw the old piece of paper back to the old man. “Apologies, but this is not yours, nor your family’s so I cannot divine for you.”

The old man was startled and took a while to speak, “Flower Dashi, you mean that the owner of this item can come to divine; isn’t that right?”

“In principle, every object has its own spiritual awareness. Someone who is not its owner could not know its past or future. I can only tell you the divination revealed that you got it three months ago.”

The old man was a skeptic initially but now he was ready to prostrate himself in admiration. That thing was obtained three months ago.

Hua YuMan did not know that the old man went directly to Thirteenth Wangzi’s fu and truthfully reported everything that happened at the Flower Spirit Divination Hall.

Thirteen indifferently looked at the broken piece of treasure map. He raised his eyebrows, “There’s someone who can divine so accurately? Bring him there personally tomorrow.”

 “Master, he can only anger people and won’t people anger him. It’s still a question whether he would survive until tomorrow.”

“Just tell him that he would find the treasure tomorrow and ensure he keeps his life.”



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