Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 28 Driving up the Prices, Part 2

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“Can you accept the truth?” Hua YuMan asked. Her tone was peaceful, but surprisingly serious.

“Yes. Flower Dashi, please speak.” He was the grand Lu Wang. But who knew how many people laughed at him for having no children of his own? For this reason, he adopted a number of children, but they ultimately were not his biological children.

“You have no sons, but you have a daughter. She is seventeen years old, born from your wife, and is still alive.”

Lu Wang was in obvious disbelief. “Flower Dashi, are you mistaken? That slut’s child is not mine. After the birth, Benwang did a blood test. It can’t be wrong.”

“My Flower Spirit Divination Hall is never wrong. There is a birthmark on the child’s lower back. And if I’m not wrong, your lower back should also have a similar birthmark. Furthermore, you can do another blood test with the child. This time, do not let others do it, but do it personally.”

“This…Flower Dashi’s meaning is that someone performed an underhanded trick?” Lu Wang excitedly stood up. “If what Dashi said is true, I, Lu Jin, would come back with thousands of gold and silvers to thank you.”

Lu Wang was startled and pleased and returned to his fu. Hua YuMan started divining for the next customer.

Today wasn’t much different from yesterday. Other than Lu Wang, everyone was here to find something. One person even brought out a family ancestral treasure map. He wanted Hua YuMan to find clues. However, this was only a rumor left from his ancestors. The purpose was to make sure their future generations wouldn’t end up poor.

Finally, Flower Spirit Divination Hall selected an old man for free divination. He wore smart clothes, but his eyes held the vicissitudes of life. He didn’t seem to be very excited about his free divination, but instead hesitated.


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