Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 28 Driving up the Prices, Part 1

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The next day, there was a long line in front of Flower Spirit Divination Hall. After a day of news spread, people had come from far and wide.

Because there were too many people, Mo ZiTing had an idea. She handed out number plates and people waited for their turns according to the numbers. But her move caused a lot of dissatisfaction.

“Benwang is number 100-something. Only ten people could get divination sessions every day. How long would I need to wait for? Benwang suggest we have a bid. The highest bidder gets a divination session first. How about it?” A pot-bellied fat laoye received many agreements from the people in line.

Some were happy and some were worried in the crowd. But in the end, everyone agreed with the fat laoye’s words. Who made this fat laoye the infamous unreasonable Lu Wang? Even this Wangye would patronize this Flower Spirit Divination Hall. It must be very accurate. Everyone silently agreed to bidding up the prices.

When Hua YuMan arrived, Mo ZiTing already confirmed ten people and accepted their silvers. But this Lu Wang spent 10,000 silvers for one divination session. Hua YuMan couldn’t help but look at him again.

Like the rumors, this Lu Wang had a large head and a belly resembling a round ball. He gasped even walking. He looked like a Maitreya Buddha sitting in Flower Spirit Divination Hall’s chair.

“Flower Dashi [great master], benwang is in the prime of his life with many wives and concubines. Benwang wants to know why I have no sons. What heaven’s sin have I committed?” Although Lu Wang was rude and unreasonable, he was straightforward and didn’t speak in circles.

He finished speaking and the petals on the wall floated back and forth in front of Lu Wang. Without Hua YuMan’s instructions, Lu Wang had already reached out for a petal.

Hua YuMan gently shook her head. Really a greedy person. She called her petal back. She was silent for a moment and immediately had her answer.


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