Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 27 Break Your Legs, Part 2

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Hua YuMan looked at him and asked puzzled, “I don’t know. What is it?”

“Forget it, forget it. If used correctly, it could help raise internal force. In the hands of ordinary people, it would just be a necklace to ward off evil spirits. But who did you give it to?” He was curious to death.

“My maidservant!”

“What? Haha…” Mi XueHen wanted to laugh to death. That chap Thirteen had his first awakening of love. The first time he secretly sent a female a gift, he wouldn’t have thought that she would give it to her maidservant! “Well, I lost to you. My name is Mi XueHen. I’m Thirteen’s close friend. Goodbye!” The rascal who broke in put his mask on and disappeared.

Hua YuMan was silent for a while. She shut the door and peacefully slept. The whatever necklace he gave her was hers. She could do what she wanted with it.

She was sleeping well. In Thirteenth Wangzi’s fu [manor, residence], Mi XueHen talked about what happened in Hua Manor, laughing crazily. Seeming to watch a show, he looked at Thirteen. “That little yatou doesn’t seem to have any feelings for you. Would you still stick your hot face onto her cold butt [shower affections on an uninterested party]?”

Thirteen looked at Mi XueHen with an ice-cold face for a second. His frozen voice said, “There’s something we haven’t done in long time.”

A “bang” sounded and Mi XueHen’s beautiful face was hit…

“Wah…why?” Mi XueHen sobbed at Thirteen. He suddenly stiffened. This grandmotherly Thirteen was serious about that yatou.

“I’ll break your legs the next time you break into her boudoir.” Thirteen turned and coldly looked at Mi XueHen’s enchanting butt. “Is your butt a little hot?”

“No, no…” Mi XueHen was endlessly depressed. He was being threatened. He wouldn’t be so curious next time. Ah, his devastatingly beautiful face, ah!

Mi XueHen covered his face to leave. He must find an opportunity to teach that yatou a few moves to deal with this fellow.

“Here, catch.” Thirteen flung a medicine bottle into Mi XueHen’s hands.

Mi XueHen pinched the bottle and was gloomy. “The same old trick again. Giving a sweet jujube after a punch.”

“It’s good if it’s useful,” Thirteen coldly retorted.


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