Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 27 Break Your Legs, Part 1

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On the other side, a black shadow quietly entered Hua Manor. It went straight into Hua YuMan’s courtyard. When a maidservant left, it went directly into her boudoir.

“Who is it?” Hua YuMan’s hand that was about to change her clothing halted in mid-air. Before she could react, the person in black took off his black face mask, revealing a beautiful face capable of causing the downfall of a country. The angular silhouette, exquisite dreamlike and picturesque eyebrows, temperament like clear and bright wind, enchanting and tall, straight posture made Hua YuMan unable to discern whether this was a man or woman.

“Didn’t scream or become enchanted. What a surprise.” Mi XueHen clicked his tongue. He casually sat down at a table by the window.

There were few women in the world who were not starry-eyed infatuated after they saw his face. What a surprise!

“Who are you? What brings you here?” Hua YuMan calmed her mind. She sat down across from him, looking at him without blinking.

This person held no malice, but didn’t look like a kindhearted person. Why did he break into a woman’s boudoir?

Not screaming did not mean that she wasn’t scared. She was not enchanted because currently she was a little disgusted towards men, especially good-looking men.

Mi XueHen almost laughed out loud. This really was an interesting yatou. She could sit down opposite from a strange man in the middle of the night and politely asked what brough him here.

“I wanted to see if that chap Thirteen actually gifted the Yangding Necklace I gifted to him to you.” Also, to conveniently see why Thirteen was turning into a nutjob and starting to think about a woman.

Although the woman in front of him was not remarklably beautiful and capable of ruining cities like him, she was still pretty and flower-like. She was a pleasant and interesting yatou.

“Oh, you mean that necklace someone randomly put in my room? I gave it away.” Hua YuMan did not pretend to be ignorant and directly admitted it.

“You…you gave it away? Who did you give it to?” Mi XueHen was more startled. “Do you know what that is?”


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