Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 26 You Don’t Have to Come Here Anymore, Part 2

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“Kang gege, how can you listen to just Man’er’s side of the story? She’s just making up the facts. I actually didn’t…”

“If I don’t believe my own sister, then I would believe the outsider you? Butler Lin, show the guests out!” Hua YuKang originally did not like this Leng YouYu, but she was his uncle’s daughter and they were relatives. There were times he had to pretend even if he wasn’t happy. But since Man’er expressed herself today, he also wouldn’t tolerate.

“Yes, Young General. The two Leng Xiaojies, please.” Butler Lin immediately made a polite gesture showing the guests out.

Where did Leng YouYu and Leng YouQi suffer such grievances? They turned and stomped out.

The two were angry and went back to Leng fu to complain to their parents.

Leng Xu was only a fifth-rank general but had a violent personality. He was immediately enraged once he heard that Hua Manor’s people didn’t put the Leng family in their eyes. His brother-in-law Hua ZeAn as a first-rank general did not give him face in front of colleagues. When he asked for favors Hua ZeAn always turned down his requests and his son Hua YuKang ran off to who-knows-where. The last time his request to promote someone was refused, making him lose face. That anger was looking for an opportunity to be released.

“That boy and yatou [girl] are so arrogant. I will order someone to capture him and beat him up.”

“Laoye, you can’t kill anyone.” Leng fu’s second furen feigned concern but turned to wink at her daughter Leng YouYu.

“That’s right, father. After all, they are the children of a general. Their identities and statuses are higher than us by who-knows how many more levels.” Leng YouYu said lightly, wiping off tears.

Leng Xu was even angrier. “Rest assured. Father won’t beat him to death. Just beat him until he’s crippled.”


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