Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 26 You Don’t Have to Come Here Anymore, Part 1

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Hua YuMan looked at Leng YouYu, “So your heart is so evil as to curse Hua Manor. From now on, you and sister don’t have to come here anymore. Our Hua Manor can’t bear this. I will tell my parents about this matter. Even if you come to my house, I would not show you a pleasant face.”

She wanted to draw a clear line between her and Leng YouYu. Because everytime she saw her, she was reminded of her previous life’s sufferings and tragic death. Drawing a clear line was good because her parents wouldn’t have to be embarrassed or feel awkward in the future.

“Man’er, sister didn’t mean that…” Leng YouQi was nervous. If their parents found out, she and her sister would be punished.

At this point, Hua YuKang returned. Leng YouYu’s eyed immediately reddened and became tearful. Like she was the most distressed in the world, she looked at Hua YuKang, “Kang gege!”

“What’s going on here?” Hua YuKang frowned.

Leng YouYu was about to answer, but Hua YuMan beat her to it. “Brother, it is good you returned. Leng YouYu cursed us Hua Manor’s people to die just because I objected to her and her sister staying here. I already explained it to her. Hua Manor longer welcomes such a malicious person who would curse us. Brother, it’s up to you!” Hua YuMan turned and left.

Yintao looked at Shaoye [Young master] and said with grievance, “This is Hua Manor. She came to scold Xiaojie at her home. Huh!” She took Hei QingQing and ran off.

Hua YuKang’s expression immediately became bad, cold like a sword wind. Hua Manor’s people shielded their own shortcomings. He had always loved his sister and wouldn’t let her be a bit wronged, even if this person was his relative. “Leng YouYu, you don’t have to come here anymore. Hua Manor does not welcome you!”


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