Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 25 Taking Care of Guests, Part 2

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Hua YuMan looked strangely at her. “You came here to disturb Hua Manor for that? Are you the noble daughter of an official? This is my home. I’m happy to do what I want. Besides, I’m living happily alone. Why would I add two xiaojies in the mix? My brain did not short-circuit.”

“You…” Leng YouYu was startled and angered by Hua YuMan’s sharp tongue. The old Man’er wasn’t like this.

“Man’er, my sister was afraid of you living alone so she let our mother ask your mother for us to stay together with you. We didn’t expect you to refuse. We’re not here for anything. We just wanted to ask what you were thinking.” Leng YouQi hastily explained because she and Hua YuMan were the same age. They used to get along relatively better so she gently pulled Hua YuMan.

Hua YuMan suddenly realized. The one who wanted them to live with her was Leng YouYu. She thought it was her father’s whim! These two saw her parents had left and found her to vent their anger?

Hua YuMan’s expression turned cold. In the previous life, because Leng YouYu was always looking for her and even living with her, she fooled around with the Crown Prince and caused her to be in such a tragic situation. Now, how could she repeat the same mistakes?!

“I didn’t think much. I’m just not comfortable to have outsiders living in my home. You two return!” Hua YuMan coldly ordered. Since her parents weren’t here and her brother had not returned, she didn’t have to pretend to be happy about their arrival and wrong herself.

“You…you think I love coming here? Rest assured, I will not come to Hua Manor again. Even if you’re scared by ghosts or murdered by thieves, I still wouldn’t come to see you. YouQi, let’s go.” Leng YouYu was fed up with anger so she didn’t pay attention to the severity of her words. She was trying to take advantage of this opportunity to live at Hua Manor because no one would be in charge of her here. She would have had more time and opportunites to meet with the First Wangzi. In Leng fu [residence], there were too many people and regulations to folllow. But she did not expect her elaborate plan to be foiled by the Hua YuMan who always listened to her.


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