Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 25 Taking Care of Guests, Part 1

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Yintao saw her Xiaojie bring a person over. She asked, puzzled, “Xiaojie, who is she?”

“She’s called Hei QingQing. She will be the same as you from now on. QingQing, this is Yintao. The one in front is Mo jiejie. You have to strictly keep my identity a secret.” Hua YuMan told her some things to note down. There was no one by Mo ZiTing’s side at this point.

“Man’er, riding on your coattails today, my store’s business was very good. The best-selling item today was the pet decoratoion made of flower petals. It seems like there is a market for items related to divination. Man’er, why don’t we open up a lucky ornament store together? I heard that someone was clearing out his store and moving to the countryside. I heard that owner say he would sell for 70,000 silvers.”

“But I don’t have that much money!” Hua YuMan calculated. She had about 5,000 silvers currently and that was including what she earned today. It clearly wasn’t enough.

“I have some private money. I’ll pay money, you contribute in energy. You are the key to opening a lucky ornament store. You have to divine what an acceptable lucky ornament is. We will split the profits halfway. How about it?”

“Okay!” Hua YuMan finalized some details with Mo ZiTing and then left with Yintao and Hei QingQing.

Upong returning, she saw the sisters Leng YouYu and Leng YouQi sitting in the living room. The Manor’s servants were carefully serving them, but they had unpleasant expressions on their faces. When they saw Hua YuMan, they angrily stood up.

“Man’er, why didn’t you let me and YouQi stay in Hua Manor? How did we offend you that you hate us so much?” Leng YouYu looked overbearingly at Hua YuMan. She had always been sticking to Hua YuMan. Who knew a few days without seeing each other, Leng YouYu would put on airs.


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