Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 24 A Mysterious Young Lady, Part 2

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“XueMeng, where did you get this?” Hua YuMan once again found XueMeng extraordinary.

As she was contemplating, XueMeng picked up a petal with its paw and thrust it at Hua YuMan. She touched it and a picture came to her mind. In it, Thirteenth Wangzi jumped from Hua Manor’s high wall and went into her room. He sighed after finding no one was there. He finally left this box on her table and jumped up the wall to leave.

So Thirteen sent it, but when did he do it? Was it after she just left the Manor? Why did he send her this?

Actually, this strange ability she had seemed to be because of him. And now he gave her something so weird. This…

“Xiaojie, I beg you. Let me stay and serve you. I’ll do anything. After my parents died, I’ve been drifting aimlessly. I just want a home and live a normal, peaceful life. Xiaojie, please, I beg you…”

Hei QingQing kept kowtowing. Hua YuMan sympathetically said, “Get up first.”

“Xiaojie, are you taking me in?” Hei QingQing happily wiped her tears off.

“En. You take this necklace and see if you feel more comfortable.” Hua YuMan gave her the necklace.

“Thank you, Xiaojie. Thank you, Xiaojie.” Hei QingQing wore the necklace and followed Hua YuMan through the back door to Pet Spirits’ House. She stared at the busy Mo ZiTing and Yintao for a long time. She suddenly laughed happily, “Xiaojie, that monk wasn’t wrong. I can’t see through anything now.”

“Really?” Hua YuMan herself was uncertain. This necklace was so magical? What was it?

“En. As long as I don’t stare for too long, there’s no problem.” Hei QingQing was already very satisfied.


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