Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 24 A Mysterious Young Lady, Part 1

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Next, Hua YuMan helped a furen with bad memory find her ancestral Yeming Pearl; a first-rank furen find a golden hairpin bestowed by the Empress Dowager; a business man find a very important bill for goods; and a furen find her missing husband…

After divining for ten people, Hua YuMan waved her hand. Petals flowed onto a black-clothed female who had been standing there for the whole afternoon.

“You are the free guest who will receive a free divination session at Flower Spirit Divination Hall today. What does guniang [Unmarried miss, lady] want to know?”

Everyone looked on curiously when they heard there really was someone receiving free divination.

The delicate and pretty girl looked at Hua YuMan and stammered, “I…I…I…”

“Don’t be nervous. Come in and talk,” Hua YuMan waved. Petals lightly nudged the door closed, signifying the end of day’s business. People outside were discussing spiritedly. They finally left after expressing they would return tomorrow.

There were only two people left in the Hall now. The girl in black breathed a sigh of relief. “My name… my name is QingQing. I… I have a strange illness since I was born. I can see through items and people [like X-ray]. I live in fear everyday. Everyone around me is a skeleton. A monk once advised me that if I find a girl I cannot see through; I should sign a master and servant contract with her. This way I can alleviate my condition. Can you take me in? I beg you.” Hei QingQing kneeled and even kowtowed a few times.

“So it’s like this.” Hua YuMan was pinching a petal that landed on Hei QingQing. The middle of her eyebrows grew warm. An impression of the pain Hei QingQing suffered appeared in her mind. In the end, a circular necklace engraved with a flame pattern appeared in her mind. As she was pondering what it was, XueMeng ran out behind her. Its mouth held a tiny box. After opening it, Hua YuMan saw it was the same circular necklace with a flame pattern that was in her mind’s image.


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