Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 23 Don’t Need to Waste Money, Part 2

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Since she didn’t accept it, the maidservant left with the banknote. Because of this incident, Flower Spirit Divination Hall’s name was spread and customers began to come.

The second guest was a cargo dealer. Because he was abroad for long periods of time to deal in goods, his elderly mother was in charge of the money at home. But three months ago, she suddenly passed away from an illness. He couldn’t find the money she hid away even till now. That made him depressed. With his mother’s way of doing things, the money accumulated must be around 400-500 silvers. If this Divination Hall could find it, subtracting the 100 silvers he owed it, he would still recover 300-400 silvers. This was a lucky chance.

He held a hopeful mentality towards trying divination. He promised to pay when the silvers have been found. Hua YuMan straightforwardly agreed.

The divination ended and Hua YuMan told him, “Your mother exchanged the 500 silvers into a banknote. It is hidden in the stomach of the jade Guanyin statue she gave you.”

“This…this is true?” The cargo dealer immediately took out a rough palm-size jade Guanyin. After carefully examining it, he found a mechanism in the back of the statue. He lightly pried it open and withdrew a banknote that was folded many times into a thin sheet. His eyes turned moist and he cried out, “Mother!”

Hua YuMan was very touched. This was a mother’s love for her child. It seemed casual but was very thoughtful. “On behalf of your mother, fifty silvers would be the cost of the divination this time.”

“This…thank you very much. Thank you very much!”

The cargo dealer paid and happily went away. Along the way, he fiercely boasted to everyone how accurate Flower Spirit Divination Hall was!


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