Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 23 Don’t Need to Waste Money, Part 1

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Hua YuMan stood up from behind the curtain. She gently waved her hand and countless petals floated in front of the furen. “Furen can choose a petal and think of your jade cat…”

Ministry of Justice furen was already fascinated by the floating petals. The divination building was like a fairyland with beautiful petals flying. She subconsciously reached out for her favorite magnolia petal.

As if hearing an order, the other petals immediately retreated and pasted themselves to the flowered wall. The petal in Ministry of Justice furen’s hand automatically flew behind the curtain and landed in Hua YuMan’s hand.

After a moment, Hua YuMan gave an answer, “Furen, if you can’t bear to hear the answer, do you still want to hear it?”

Ministry of Justice furen was startled. She nodded, “Of course. I have been looking for the jade cat for almost a month. If it’s alive, I want to see the cat. If it’s dead, I want to see the corpse.”

“Okay then. If furen returns and digs below a laurel tree, you will find the jade cat.”

“You mean…” Ministry of Justice furen’s body shook. There was visible shock and anger. She let her maidservant leave 100 silvers and urgently rushed away.

Maybe everyone wanted to know whether this Flower Spirit Divinvation Hall was accurate, so few people left after Ministry of Justice furen did. There was no divination in the meantime. Everyone was waiting to hear the news that would arrive.

About half an hour later, Ministry of Justice furen’s personal maidservant came again. She brought a 1,000 silvers banknote. She respectfully said, “Our furen found the jade cat under the laurel tree in the backyard. This 1,000 silvers is to thank you. Furen also wants to ask who killed the jade cat?”

Hua YuMan thought slowly and said heavily, “Flower Spirit Divination Hall does not divine murderers. We only give out clues. If your furen would think about this matter herself, she would get the answer. Don’t need to waste money. Take this banknote back to your furen. If there is a need, she can come back.”


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