Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 22 Searching for a Cat, Part 2

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“En. There is still some time left. I will go prepare.”

“Okay. Come find me if you need help.” Mo ZiTing also began to get busy. In order to ensure that Hua YuMan’s identity would not be revealed, she dismissed her original two employees. Now she was managing the store alone so she was busier.

“En. Yintao, help Mo jiejie out. I will take care of my side.” Hua YuMan felt embarrassed that Mo ZiTing did so much, so she wanted to help her out some too.

“Yes, Xiaojie,” Yintao readily agreed. She couldn’t do what Xiaojie could do and couldn’t help Xiaojie out. She might as well help Mo Xiaojie instead. Anyway, to help Mo Xiaojie was to help her own Xiaojie.

Since Xiaojie went to Tian Ta Temple and got injured, it turned out to actually be a blessing in disguise. Although she wasn’t sure what petal divination was, but since it helped Xugen found his family, it must be very accurate. Xiaojie wasn’t playing around. No matter what Xiaojie wanted to do, it was what she must do.

The stores were opening at wei shi [1-3 pm]. Because few stores open in the afternoon, this strange move attracted a lot of onlookers. But most that saw the prices of divination just stood aside to watch the fun.

“Can that be accurate? I have never heard flower petals can be used in fortune-telling,” everyone discussed.

“Who knows? Using flower petals… must be females diving marriage or such…”

“If it’s not accurate, the store can expect to shut down in two days.”

At this time, the carriage of the Ministry of Justice official’s furen stopped outside Flower Spirit Divination Hall. Two maidservants helped a slightly overweight Ministry of Justice furen down. She walked into the divination building and looked around. She said directly, “This furen’s jade cat is lost. If your divination is accurate and find my jade cat for me, don’t say 100 silvers. This furen can even pay 1,000 silvers.”


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