Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 22 Searching for a Cat, Part 1

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With these thoughts, Hua YuMan arrived at the newly-constructed pet store. The place had changed a lot. The original pet store was divided into two. One side had a sign that said “Pet Spirits’ House” and the other had a sign with “Flower Spirit Divination Hall.” One side was blue, the other was pink. The two sides were privately connected. There was a private door for Hua YuMan if it was inconvenient for her to expose her identity.

The lobby was a waiting area for guests. It was surrounded by simulated flower petals on the walls, arranged beautifully. In the middle was a translucent pink and white curtain for divination. Mo ZiTing even prepared several exquisite and beautiful masks for Hua YuMan.

“Thank you!” Hua YuMan was wholeheartedly thankful. She could tell Mo ZiTing put a lot of thought into everything.

“We don’t have to polite with each other. I also prepared the price list for you. Everyday, Flower Spirit Divination Hall would only receive ten guests to keep it fresh and interesting and to attract new customers.”

“En.” Hua YuMan picked up the pricing list and was startled. “So expensive. Will anyone come?”

Love divination, 100 silvers. Career divination, 100 silvers. Family safety, 500 silvers. Random questions, 100 silvers for one question. Note: This site runs on ads, so p The first guest chosen by Flower Spirit Divination Hall everyday will receive free divination!

“Absolutely. Today is the day both stores are open at the same time. I already booked a guest for you. It’s Ministry of Justice official’s furen. She loves cats. A few days ago, her favorite jade cat wandered off. She sent people to search for it and posted posters. If nothing unusual happen, she will come today.”


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