Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 21 Mother and Father Leave the City, Part 2

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After her rebirth, she longed for her family’s love more than anything. She learned to cherish it more than ever now!

“Okay, take good care of yourself! All available chapters are in the Table of Contents page under “Current Projects.” If there’s anything, go find your uncles. They’re both officials and could help. Although your aunt is not here, your HanYun gege always doted on you. Let him live in the house and you guys can get along peacefully together. If there’s anything, get HanYun to help.” Hua furen was not assured and started lecturing again.

The day General Hua was leaving arrived in the blink of an eye. General Hua and furen lectured their children a while. They finally left on the horse carriage and didn’t look back.

The Manor was quieted down. Hua YuKang patted Hua YuMan’s shoulder, “Don’t be sad. Mother didn’t want you to send her off at the gate because she’s afraid you and her would start crying. Isn’t the Flower Pavilion opening today? Why don’t you go join the fun?” Hua YuKang kicked his sister out of the house to enjoy the fun. It was better than being sad at home.

“Brother, you’re not going?”

“I have to meet with General Si and Official Qiu, who’s in charge of the marriage alliance. General Si is the main person in charge and I am his Deputy. I will go to Flower Pavilion tomorrow.

“En. Okay then!”

Hua YuMan left the house with Yintao. But her heart was not happy. Brother was meeting the officials in charge of the marriage alliance to discuss details and precautions. Did this mean that they would leave early?


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