Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 21 Mother and Father Leave the City, Part 1

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Hua YuMan happily left. When she was in her room, she took out the petal her brother touched and started divining. Although she didn’t know what her brother was thinking when he touched the petal, it turned out to be love. Because she saw a very beautiful woman in her mind. Although it was only a glance, she confirmed that her brother had someone he liked. But that person was not Tenth Princess.

She slept very well that night. She only woke up when the sun was three poles high.

The whole house was busy because the General and his furen were leaving for the border. Everyone was busy packing things. Early this morning, Thirteenth Wangzi sent over five boxes of silvers to apologize to Xiaojie. This time General Hua didn’t say anything and had people move the boxes directly over to Hua YuMan’s place. He said this was for her use privately in the upcoming days.

Hua YuMan thought she would be able to quickly make money. So she had Xugen purchase a more comfortable horse carriage and Yintao to purchase lots of things. She also went to personally buy some items. This way, she spent over half of the 10,000 silvers. The rest of the silvers she exchanged for a banknote and gave it to her mother. Like an elder, she lectured her mother for a long time.

Hua furen smiling touched her daughter’s head. “This is the first time I feel that Man’er has grown up. Mother is worried about your father but mother is also worried about you.” Although she was smiling, Hua furen had tears in her eyes.

Maybe she should take Man’er along. But the roads were dangerous. She was also worried the child couldn’t handle it. To separate from one’s flesh and blood: it wasn’t that as a mother, she wasn’t sad. It was just that she was enduring. Watching the child busily running around doing things for herself, her heart was warm, but pained.

“Don’t cry, mother. Man’er knows, Man’er understands! I will listen to you and write a letter to you every ten days. You also have to write back to me!” Hua YuMan acted spoiled next to her mother.


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