Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 20 Brother, I Beg You, Part 2

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“Brother, do you really think there are such coincidences in the world? I randomly go to Lucheng and found Xugen’s relatives? In reality, I saw Xugen’s mother at Tian Ta Temple. I saw her from afar, holding a bamboo stick and crying. Then I saw a female with a mask on. She held out some flower petals for divination. I casually picked one. Because my mind was thinking how nice it would be if that mother reunited with her child, the diviner told me the answer I was seeking was in Fulu Inn in Lucheng. That’s why I decided to leave the city…”

Hua YuKang exclaimed, “So that’s what happened?”

No wonder Man’er randomly decided to leave the city. And she unexpectedly reunited a long-lost separated mother and child. So there was such a thing.

“Brother, do you believe me now?”

Looking at his sister’s glistening eyes, Hua YuKang reluctantly said, “Even if this is true, without a better solution, brother can only follow orders to Nanguo.”

“We’ll think of plans together. I don’t want brother to go!” Hua YuMan huffily turned around. She would definitely come up with a solution.

Seeing her angry, Hua YuKang helplessly said, “Since Man’er says the diviner is so accurate, why don’t I go visit her one day, okay?”

Hua YuMan thought about it and gave the petals in her hand to him. “I heard that after around the 11th, she would open a Flower Pavilion that specializes in divination next to the pet store. Take this petal there. One petal can get you one free divination session. You have to keep it carefully!”

She then took one petal back from her brother’s hands, “This one I will use!”

“Okay!” Hua YuKang smilingly petted her head. “It’s getting late. Quickly go to bed. If brother can think of a method, he will push this matter away.”

“En. Good night, brother.”

“Good night.”


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