Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 20 Brother, I Beg You, Part 1

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“Say it. What’s the matter?” Although they were siblings, it was still inappropriate for them to be in the same room in the middle of the night together. This girl really knew how to cause trouble. What business couldn’t wait until tomorrow?

“Brother, do you like Tenth Princess?” She wanted to ask a long time ago, but never found the chance to. Plus, she thought she had six months so she dragged things along.

Hua YuKang was stunned, “Man’er, what are you talking about? Although I saved Tenth Princess, it wasn’t because I like her. To me, she is only Tenth Princess.”

“Is that really so?” Hua YuMan hurriedly questioned. If her brother thought this way, then this situation was easier and quicker to solve.

“This girl doesn’t sleep at night and runs here to ask this sort of question. Or did you find out that I met Tenth Princess at Tian Ta Temple?” Facing his sister, Hua YuKang did not put up any defenses.

Hua YuMan nodded. “Not only that. Tenth Princess came to find me and wanted me to give you a sachet. I didn’t take it and told her to give it to you herself. Brother, can you think of way to not escort Tenth Princess for the marriage alliance? She has feelings for you. It would be easy for you to get into troubles. Also, I accidentally met a diviner today. She told me your trip would be dangerous…Brother, I beg you, please don’t go. Man’er doesn’t want brother to go!” She started crying in the end, tears streaming down her face.

Hua YuKang was helpless. He looked at his sister, who liked like pear blossoms in the rain. He sighed, “The Emperor’s orders cannot be defied.  Besides, the diviner must be a scam.”

“She’s not, she’s not.” Hua YuMan shook her head, “Brother, do you remember Xugen?”

Hua YuKang nodded, puzzled. “I remember. Man’er helped Xugen find his family. To show his gratitude, he is now a servant in the house.”


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