Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 19 Why Pretend to be an Assassin at Night? Part 1

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“In a few days, YouYu, YouQi, and LinXin will come live in the Manor.” Those children were about the same age as Man’er. They grew since childhood together and shared good feelings. With them to accompany her, he and furen would leave the city more reassured. He had also arranged for people to protect his daughter’s safety. “Oh, and your HanYun gege [Literally: older brother, can be used to denote familiarity] is returning for work. I’m letting him stay in the Manor while he’s in the city. The more people, the livelier it is,” General Hua added this sentence.

Hua YuMan immediately made a bitter face. Father said so many pieces of news that she didn’t like. Father and mother going to the border was not a bad thing. According to the previous timeline, the Empress did not have many days left. There would be a lot of turmoil then. But she must do something about changing her brother’s journey. And the whatever YouYu, YouQi and LianXin absolutely could not live at her house.

Hua YuMan stretched her hand and clutched her father’s arm. She lightly shook his arm, “Father, daughter doesn’t want YouYu and them for company. Daughter grew up and is independent. How can the daughter of a mighty general be a coward! Father, this arrangement would make others laugh. And after all, Hua Manor is ultimately not YouYu and YouQi’s home. How can they be comfortable living here? Aren’t you forcing them? Or does father want daughter to not be the host and let them be Hua Manor’s hosts instead?”

“This girl!” General Hua gently rubbed his daughter’s head, “Of course you are the host. But are you sure you don’t want them to accompany you?”

“Don’t want.” She firmly shook her head. Afraid her father would not take her advice; she saw her opportunity and said, “Father, did you think if something happens to them in the Manor, who will be responsible? Now the capital is not peaceful. I heard there was a rapist targeting officials’ xiaojies. The people father left to protect me is enough. If they have to allocate resources to protect others, there will be a time they won’t be able to manage…”


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