Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 18 Really So Greedy, Part 2

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“Man’er, don’t be unreasonable! Thirteenth Wangzi is here to announce the Emperor’s decree.” General Hua feared his daughter had offended Thirteenth Wangzi and rushed to explain for his daughter.

Thirteen waved his hand, “It’s nothing.”

He followed along to announce the decree to see this girl. He didn’t see her in the inn last night and was inexplicably worried. Therefore, he found an excuse to come over. He didn’t expect her to come back.

“Sending off Thirteenth Wangzi,” Hua YuMan slightly curtsied and interrupted Thirteen’s gaze.

“I will be responsible for your pet house. What kind of compensation do you want?” Thirteen questioned.

Hua YuMan was surprised. Compensating her again?

Wangzis really were wealthy. She mischievously blinked, “Silvers!”

Thirteen looked at her and teased, “Really so greedy. But I managed to see you. Goodbye!”

Thirteenth Wangzi left. General Hua led his daughter into the Manor and told her, “Thirteenth Wangzi brought the Emperor’s decree. Three months later, your brother will escort Tenth Princess to Nanguo. Ten days later, father will go to guard the borders. Your mother and father are leaving. Man’er, although he’s a bad Wangzi in certain aspects, you shouldn’t approach him. He is a Wangzi. His life is unlike ordinary people. You can’t have too many interactions with him…”

“I understand,” Hua YuMan distractedly replied. She was wondering why Tenth Princess was setting off for the marriage alliance already. It used to be six months later, but now it’s three months?


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