Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 18 Really So Greedy, Part 1

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“It’s hard for me to explain. I saw a woman dressed in strange clothing taking care of small animals. Then a man came…” Thinking, she gladly took paper and pen from the table and drew a simple drawing.

Soon, a drawing appeared. A modern woman in an apron was teasing a puppy. A man in a black suit had a pistol in his hand. The bottom half of the drawing was red. The woman fell in a pool of blood. On the right side was a little girl dressed in ancient clothing lying on a bed.

Mo ZiTing was amazed by the drawing. She couldn’t breathe properly. This drawing was the picture frame frozen in her mind. The gunman was actually a bank robber…

“You…ManMan, you’re really amazing!” Mo ZiTing was a full believer in Hua YuMAn now. Her secret was discovered so now all she had to do was pull Hua YuMan into her camp. She put on a very passionate smile, “With us being friends, I don’t mind you staying here today. I’ll tell you my story and we’ll discuss how to decorate your store.”

Hua YuMan, who was overwhelmed with favor, nodded under Mo ZiTing’s blessing.

That night Hua YuMan stayed in the pet store and talked all night with Mo ZiTing. The two were feeling a bit of belated regret.

Finally, Mo ZiTing decided to temporarily close the pet store for construction. When it was completed, then they would open the store again. The construction was left up to Mo ZiTing.

After breakfast, Mo ZiTing went to sleep and Xugen went to check on the road. Hua YuMan took Yintao away after saying goodbye.

At the door of Hua Manor, she saw Thirteenth Wangzi. General Hua and Hua YuKang were respectfully greeting him. They naturally saw Hua YuMan on her carriage.

Thirteen saw Yintao carrying a pet house behind her. He rushed to Hua YuMan and winked, “You bought another pet house?”

Hua YuMan rolled her eyes. Was he doing this on purpose? He could even tell she changed the pet house. “The pet house before was destroyed by your men and now you’re here at my house?”


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