Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 17 Flower Petal Divination, Part 2

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Hua YuMan looked around the store. The space was really not small. Even half of it was bigger than normal stores. She seriously turned to Mo ZiTing, “Are you serious?”

“Of course and I will not go back on my words.” Mo ZiTing thought about a lot in a short period of time. If what Hua YuMan said was true, then having her operate next door would drive her business up. But if it was false, she suffered no losses and gained a friend anyway.

“En. Okay then!” Hua YuMan took a satchel down from her waist. She poured the colored petals inside onto the table. She gently brushed her hand and the petals suspended themselves in the air. She turned to Mo ZiTing, “Pick a petal to give me.”

“Oh!” Mo ZiTing’s eyes were very round and big. She found it incredible that the petals were floating in the air and it was not due to magic. She reached out her hand and casually grabbed a pinkish purple crape myrtle petal.

Hua YuMan took the crape myrtle petal and felt its sense of aroma and aura. After she entered her consciousness, her forehead grew warm. But this time was very strange. After the warmth, her brows grew cold. After the cold, then it grew warm again. An image appeared in her mind…

A woman in strange clothing was busy in a house filled with small animals. A man dressed in similarly strange clothing suddenly appeared. He held a strange item in his hand and pointed it at the girl’s chest. A “bang” sounded and the woman’s chest had a bleeding hole. A strange black magnetic field appeared around the girl. The image then changed. The woman who was dead before, floated into a courtyard like a wisp of smoke, into the body of a little girl lying on a bed. The little girl’s face became Mo ZiTing’s face as a child.

“You…” Hua YuMan stared at Mo ZiTing stunned. She couldn’t find appropriate words to speak.

“What’s the matter? The flower on your brows turned to gold, then black, then red. What’s the matter with it? Did you divine it?” Mo ZiTing was inexplicably worried. This time she really thought maybe Hua YuMan could really do flower petal divination.


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