Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 17 Flower Petal Divination, Part 1

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She actually couldn’t do anything. Her parents also would not agree for her to open any store.

She was distracted and stared at Mo ZiTing after she finished speaking for so long that the latter asked, “You have things on your mind?”

“En.” Hua YuMan nodded and didn’t hide it from her.

“My family is actually not wealthy. We’ve been living on my father’s modest salary…I want to also be like you; can make money and have things that I want to do.”

After speaking, she was in a daze again. If she wanted to protect her family, having money was very important to pave the way.

“You’re afraid your parents won’t agree right?!” Mo ZiTing guessed the crux of the matter. In Li Country this kind of place, noble xiaojies would not be working in business. Here, business was a relatively humble occupation.

“Yes!” She could not care about what others’ think, but she cared about her family’s feelings.

“What kind of store do you want to open?”

“Something to do with flowers!”

“A flower shop? It’s hard to open a business just selling flowers alone. What else can you do? Or what other talents do you have?”

Hua YuMan thought and hesitated. “If I say I can use flower petals for divination, would you believe it?”

“Flower petal divination?” Mo ZiTing was interested. “If you can divine my origins, I will give you half my store for free. We will cooperate together. How about it?”


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