Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 16 Li Country’s Rumors, Part 2

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“No wonder.” Mo ZiTing naturally knew the reason. Imperial Academy Official’s family was executed. The whole street was closed. Her store didn’t have one customer today. There was also no one outside. Therefore she knew the road was not yet opened.

“You’re a woman running a store alone. Your family did not object?” Hua YuMan asked curiously.

Mo ZiTing smiled. “Our Mo family is a business family. In my father’s generation, he only had three daughters. He gave us three stores. At the end of the year, the one who earned the most profits would inherit the family fortune and become head of the family. My previous store was a rice store. I wasn’t interested so I opened this pet store. My older sister has a jewelry store, Moji on Jewelry Street. My younger sister has a clothing store that specializes in making clothing for nobility.

“Don’t you want to win?” Hua YuMan felt that a jewelry store and clothing store would make more money. Wouldn’t Mo ZiTing lose in comparison?

Mo ZiTing mysteriously wagged her finger and smiled. “You also think a jewelry store and clothing store make more money? Actually, it’s not true. Both jewelry and fabrics are high in initial costs. Moji’s quality and reputation are not high or low. The Palace’s people think it’s low-quality and cheap. But commoners think it’s too expensive. Business is not easy to do. Also, my sister always liked jewelry and jade ornaments. She takes the opportunity to wear lots on her person. That could not be calculated as net profit.

“My younger sister’s clothing store appears to be doing well. She gets low prices because a cloth supplier business’ gongzi [Unmarried Sir, Mister] admires her. But general fabrics and everyday clothing cannot sell for hundreds of silvers. On the other hand, all the items in my pet store, including the pet itself, do not cost a lot of money. Like these little pet houses, I just have to spend a bit of time to design them. When pets get sick, I charge medical and decoction fees. A pet bath would cost tens of silvers…”

Hua YuMan looked at the Mo ZiTing who had a confident smile on her face, while talking about the career she loves. Hua YuMan started spacing out…

Could she do something like what Mo ZiTing was doing?


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