Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 16 Li Country’s Rumors, Part 1

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“XueMeng is more than just a rabbit to me!” She looked at the pet house and the XueMeng that was inside resting with its eyes closed. It was smiling gently. It seemed like it liked the house.

“I can see that. Oh right, I still do not know your name. If I see you next time, I can’t keep calling you ‘beautiful woman’ right?!” Mo ZiTing mischievously blinked. It seemed she crossed into this world for some years now. It was rare for her to find someone with matching temperaments and it was the first time she wanted to make friends with one.

“I’m Hua YuMan, of Hua Manor.”

“Oh, so it’s Li Country’s most honest General Hua’s daughter!” No wonder she looked so please to the eyes and comfortable, making her want to be friends.

There used to be a rumor in the streets of Li Country. To marry a husband, one must marry Hua ZeAn. To marry a woman, one must marry Leng YuNuan. Leng YuNuan was Hua YuMan’s mother. Hua ZeAn was patriotic and loyal, upright and incorruptible, and handsome. In his lifetime, he only loved Leng YuNuan alone and only married Leng YuNuan. This was something numerous women dream of. Leng YuNuan was once Li Country’s famous talented woman. She knew the four arts of music, chess, calligraphy, and painting, dancing and martial arts. Her personality and temperament were also good. With Hua ZeAn, they were a talented and beautiful ideal couple.

A child from such a happy family would not be one full of schemes or conspiracies. Mo ZiTing felt that she was quite lucky.

“You’re wearing yesterday’s clothing. Did you not return to Hua Manor?” Mo ZiTing questioned.

“The road back was closed, so I temporarily could not return. So I stayed at an inn last night.”


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