Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 15 I’ll Deal with You Later, Part 2

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“Thank you!” She petted XueMeng’s head.

The next morning, Hua YuMan once again visited the pet shop. Mo ZiTing was ecstatic.

“If I had more customers like xiaojie, I would make more money,” Mo ZiTing smiled. “In the spirit of friendship and the beauty price, I’ll charge you ten silvers.”

“Okay, thank you!”

A pet house at ten silvers was still expensive. Although the previous pet house was actually twenty silvers, it was thirty silvers altogether. For the traditionally modest expenditures of Hua Manor, this was a relatively large additional expense.

The 10,000 silvers Thirteenth Wangzi sent were spent by her father to improve the food and living accommodations of his soldiers. There weren’t too many spare silvers in the house.

Thinking of this, she unconsciously glanced at Mo ZiTing. It was not common for women to be working. Other than hostesses serving guests and those in the garment industry, there were few women working. Now, she really admired Mo ZiTing.

With this turn of events, coupled with Mo ZiTing’s relatively warm nature, the two unintentionally started chatting.

“It seems like you really like this little rabbit. Very few xiaojies would go out to buy pet houses personally, much less come twice.”

Mo ZiTing spoke the truth. She ran a pet shop for almost a year now. Although Licheng’s officials’ children love raising pets and her business was good, but those who consider themselves to have status would not personally patronize stores for an “animal.” Usually their servants would purchase items and if they come, they would stay outside.


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