Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 15 I’ll Deal with You Later, Part 1

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“They want to kill my rabbit.” She pushed him away and hid the pain she was feeling from her toes. She wanted to bring XueMeng outside.

“Rabbit?” Thirteen slightly frowned. He went in and suddenly threw the quilt off. There really was a snow-colored rabbit under the quilt looking at them with wide eyes.

Everyone stared foolishly. Who would have thought a noble xiaojie would put a rabbit under her quilt. This hobby was too…

Hua YuMan didn’t care about the others’ strange expressions. She was going to speak but Thirteen roared at her. “You stupid woman. You want to block a sword for a rabbit? You think you’re one of the eighteen copper men? Or do you think you have a diamond shield?”

Being yelled at for no reason, she yelled back. “I’m happy, I’m willing to!”

“You…I have something to do now. I’ll deal with you later.” Thirteen speechlessly choked. He turned and said to the soldiers behind him, “Do things properly. Search carefully. And search this room again.”

The soldiers thought that Thirteenth Wangzi was upset being yelled at by a woman. Bearing the spirit of venting for Thirteenth Wangzi, they all searched very carefully. Additionally, their destructive force was very amazing. Even the pet house in the corner was destroyed.

Finally, the saboteurs were gone, but the room was no longer livable.

While Yintao busily tidied up, Hua YuMan quickly understood why XueMeng ran to her bed. It actually went to swallow the letter from her mother.

XueMeng was really smart, smarter than most people. No one could use this road and no one was allowed to send secret missives. If the soldiers found this letter, even if she won’t die, there would be gossips and rumors.


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