Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 14 Do Your Eyes Grow on Top of Your Head? Part 2

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“Wake up, wake up…it’s an inspection. Treasures are found missing from the Palace. We’re searching every room. Put your clothes on…hurry up…”

Yintao hurriedly dressed and went to help Xiaojie. Hua YuMan lightly nudged her, Go open the door. I’ll do it myself.”

Because she had already heard that someone next door was beaten for not opening his door.

Yintao first went out and Hua YuMan followed with her eyes half opened. The soldiers ordered them to stand in two rows. She honestly stood there and lowered her head, yawning.

The soldiers search room by room. But when they were in Hua YuMan’s room, someone suddenly loudly shouted, “What’s on the bed?”

She turned and looked back. She saw a small snow-colored tail wiggling back and forth in the quilt. The soldiers had already pulled out swords and stabbed towards the quilt.

“Don’t…” Hua YuMan almost pounced over. She couldn’t let these people kill XueMeng! She needed to save it.

But the idea was lofty and reality was cruel. She didn’t count on the doorstep tripping her. As she was about to fall on the ground, a pair of hands pulled her back. An unpleasant voice exploded in her ear. “Are your eyes really on top of your head?”

A familiar voice, anxious and angry words. The owner of that annoying and good-looking face was Thirteenth Wangzi.

The soldiers inside saw the appearance of Thirteenth Wangzi and the swords stopped in mid-air. They wondered foolishly whether to lower the swords or not.


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