Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 14 Do Your Eyes Grow on Top of Your Head? Part 1

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Hua YuMan’s hands shook after listening to the news. Someone eventually had to pay for the attempted poisoning of the Empress. Only this time, the target was the overbearing and vicious Imperial Academy Official’s family.

“Xiaojie, are you cold? Why are you shaking like this?” Yintao was worried her Xiaojie was scared hearing someone’s whole family was executed.

“I’m fine. Yintao, find an inn to stay at. We could not return tonight.” Hua YuMan sighed. She was afraid. Thank goodness, her family survived this calamity. Thank goodness!

She and Yintao rented two rooms at Sulai Inn that night. One was for them and the other was for Xugen. She returned early to her room after dinner.

She was laying on the bed, holding a fragrant snow orchid. She whispered. “I want to send a letter to my parents, but who to ask for help?”

Her voice fell and a thread of warmth appeared between her eyebrows. An image of a beautiful snow-colored bunny appeared in her mind. That was clearly her XueMeng!

Hua YuMan was shocked looking at the XueMeng that was winking at her. For a second, she almost though it was rabbit spirit who could understand human speech. Thinking she’ll give it a try, she asked a server for pen and paper. She wrote a short and concise letter. She folded it and put it in front of XueMeng. XueMeng seemed to understand and picked up the letter with its mouth. It quickly ran away, like a gust of snow-white wind.

She was surprised. XueMeng really was a treasure!

Half an hour later, Hua YuMan received her mother’s reply. The letter told her to live outside for two days, pay attention to safety and not worry about the family.

After receiving news from her family, she relaxed. She fed XueMeng and soon fell asleep.

After sometime, Hua YuMan was sleeping dazedly when someone fiercely hit the door, his rough and loud voice waking her up.


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