Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 13 The Price of Beauty, Part 2

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“Xiaojie is a beauty. I’ll give you a beauty price, 15% off.”

Hua YuMan chuckled, “You’re the owner? You really know how to do business.”

“I’m not saying that to fawn upon you. Xiaojie really is beautiful and don’t have typical officials’ offspring’s arrogance and haughtiness. I’m called Mo ZiTing. You’re welcome to come here often.”

“Alright,” Hua YuMan carried XueMeng, let Yintao carry the pet house and left.

 Mo ZiTing stared at the door awhile. It was rare to make a friend and she even offered her name, only to get an “Alright” in return.

Oh well, they’ll meet again if they have an affinity!


Soldiers stopped Hua Manor’s carriage at the east gate. They fiercely expressed that the road would be closed for twenty-four hours.

But this was the only way to get back to Hua Manor. This made Hua YuMan’s head ache and Yintao also had a depressed face.

“Xiaojie, something probably happened at the front of the road. You can see there aren’t many people on this road. Why don’t we find an inn or a teahouse to settle first?”

“Let’s do that!” She didn’t know enough to argue with the soldiers. It was better to observe the situation first.

Yintao brought the pet house down and Hua YuMan picked up XueMeng to let it lay comfortably. Xugen stayed to watch the carriage and Yintao and Hua YuMan walked away, observing the road. If the road was still closed after dark, they could only stay outside tonight.

They picked the nearest teahouse and the guests inside were already discussing the situation.

“You know, the Emperor gave orders to execute Imperial Academy Official’s whole family. That’s why soldiers blocked off this road. All the people would die in twenty-four hours and it would all be cleaned up. The road would open up then…”

“Imperial Academy Official had privately amassed a fortune and had always been overbearing and arrogant. This is really the end of the road for him. He dared to send someone to assassinate the Empress…”


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