Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 13 The Price of Beauty, Part 1

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The previous her was too anxious about rumors, too worried about family reputation, and too concerned about outsiders’ views. She was always proper and respectful, working hard not to do anything wrong as a xiaojie. But she restricted herself, fulfilled others, and made herself miserable. She did not want to live like that this lifetime.

“But Xiaojie, aren’t the willows and camphor trees your favorite?” Yintao didn’t understand why Xiaojie would cut down her favorite trees.

“That was before. This Xiaojie only likes flowers now. Yintao, you were my maidservant, but from today onwards, you are my meimei [literally: younger sister, also used to denote familiarity].” Hua YuMan thought it over carefully. If Yintao was in her camp, then it would be easier to do whatever she wanted later on.

“Xiaojie…wuuwuu…” Yintao cried again.

Could Xiaojie not be so emotionally moving? She felt her heart boiling, so happy!

 “Fool, why cry? Go pull up the trees. Later we’ll buy XueMeng a new home.” [Xue: Snow, Meng: Dream]

Hua YuMan picked up the snow-colored rabbit that followed her for two lifetimes. Its name was XueMeng because she wanted her and it to have a fresh start.

“Okay,” Yintao quickly left and had people cut the trees down.

Licheng’s streets were very lively because it was a capital city. One could buy anything from Li Country here. Hua YuMan directly went to Licheng’s newest emerging pet store. One could purchase everything related to pets here. The store could medically treat, maintain and bathe pets. It was unusual in Li Country.

“Beauty, are you here to buy a pet house?”

The one speaking was a girl with big eyes, white skin, tall figure and delicate facial features. She was wearing a cloth skirt and a smile looking at Hua YuMan.

“En, could you introduce me?”

“Yes, please come with me.”

Hua YuMan was brought to an inner room. There were many kinds of pet houses there appropriate for a small rabbit. After a round of selection, she picked out a green pet house. XueMeng’s white fur paired with it was especially pleasing to the eye. She was very satisfied.


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