Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 12 You Don’t Want Your Foot Anymore? Part 2

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“So you’re this stupid.” She got hurt even after she dodged. It seemed like overhauling Wen Ge was too simple. The officials should all be replaced and the place should be rebuilt.

“Hey, you know martial arts. You’re a warrior. I’m just a weak girl who doesn’t know martial arts! I don’t know how to fly!” She glared at him in anger. She didn’t want to get hurt either.

“Okay, let this warrior protect this weak girl then,” he summarized. By this point, General Hua and Hua YuKang have hurried over.

After ascertaining what happened, General Hua thanked Thirteenth Wangzi.
Hua YuKang carried his sister home.

This incident made Hua YuMan rest for half a month. Thirteenth Wangzi sent gifts over. Hua YuMan loved the jade tea set that emitted sounds. She used it to drink tea every day. Leng YouYu came once and brought supplements over. But Hua YuMan didn’t pay any attention to her.

Hua YuMan confirmed one thing in this half a month. She could use the petals for divination. It was very mysterious and although she did not have foresight, she was still happy for awhile.

When she could run and jump, the first thing Hua YuMan did was buy flowers from the shop. She bought out the whole store and this news became the talk of the town. People said that Hua Xiaojie was lovestruck.

Those who didn’t understand thought that if Hua Xiaojie saw some handsome teenager, she would actively pursue him.

This half-truth, half-false rumor became more prevalent. In the end, it turned out that Hua Xiaojie did not have decency, attracting men. The object of her affections turned out to be the disgrace of the royal family: Thirteenth Wangzi. Everyone said Hua Xiaojie’s taste was really special.

Yintao told these false rumors to her Xiaojie but Hua YuMan just smiled and shook her head. “Let them talk. Yintao, let’s cut down the camphor and willow trees in this courtyard. We will switch to growing flowers.”

A courtyard of willow trees, a lifetime of poverty. She must not be a poor person this lifetime, nor a prisoner.


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