Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 12 You Don’t Want Your Foot Anymore? Part 1

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Although Yintao’s reaction was fast and caught the falling bookshelf, Hua YuMan didn’t dodge in time. She tripped and twisted her foot. The books on the shelf fell out and the already old book was smashed to pieces.

“The book…”

“Xiaojie, your foot…”

An unexpected situation occurred and immediately alerted the manager. A fleeting figure rushed in. He quickly picked up Hua YuMan and angrily said, “You really go find trouble!”

A cold and clear voice could not hide the worry. Thirteen’s expression was ugly.

“Thirteenth Wangzi…” Wen Ge’s officials were scared to death. Seeing Thirteenth Wangzi carry the injured person out, they were afraid to ruin the atmosphere.

It was a coincidence that Thirteenth Wangzi happened to be at WenShi Ge to pick up something. But unluckily, he saw this scene. Looking at Thirteenth Wangzi’s worried appearance, WenShi Ge’s officials were crying bitterly in their hearts. They were all worried about keeping their officialdom.

“This Wen Ge needs to be overhauled. What broken bookshelf…” Thirteen angrily bellowed and carried the person to the imperial physician’s.

 Hua YuMan was still dazed. She saw Thirteen’s scowling face and was scared to speak.

Soon a group of imperial physicians came out to greet and receive Thirteenth Wangzi. When he saw the old imperial physician come forward to treat Hua YuMan’s injury with medicine, he stared at him. “I’ll do it!” He carefully put the medicine on Hua YuMan.

Hua YuMan’s foot shrunk back. He stared at her, “You don’t want your foot anymore?”

She didn’t dare to move again and weakly said, “I want!”

After applying the medicine, he again angrily said, “You don’t know how to dodge when things fall down?!”

“I dodged.” She felt wronged.


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