Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 11 An Accident, Part 2

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“What mission?” Yintao blinked her eyes and looked at her.

Hua YuMan pointed to her forehead, “We need to find out what pattern or what flower this is.”

“En, en, okay…”


WenShi Ge

Licheng’s WenShi Ge had two sections. The Shi section had political documents and relevant government information. Normal people could not enter. The Wen section had other books, from ancient poetry to idle gossip and ghost stories. It had everything and was usually frequented by Licheng’s scholars and officials’ family members. Therefore, Hua YuMan entered Wen Ge.

She first glanced through some books on flowers and plants, but had no luck. She finally found something similar to the pattern between her eyebrows in a medical book.

After carefully comparing, she found that this was a simplified ManZhuHuaSha. The book said this flower was supposed to bloom in the underworld, also known as the red spider lily, tianya flower, or cape jasmine. The black ManZhuHuaSha had had psychic abilities, but this flower was only red or white, and not gold like hers.

After learning this, she randomly flipped through other books and spent the whole day in Wen Ge.

As she was about to leave, a worn-out book fell from the highest shelf and smacked her head, covering her in dust.

She dusted off her body and looked at the old book in her hand. Inadvertently, a few words caught her attention.

“Flower Fairy’s Flower Petal Divination?”

She started to read carefully. This book didn’t have many pages and she finished it quickly. According to legend, flower elves used flower petals for divination. There was a simple explanation on the divination method. As she was preparing to put the book back, a high shelf broke and started to fall down on her…


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