Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 11 An Accident, Part 1

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Hua YuMan coldly glanced at her, “Leng YouYu, you should get off this carriage. I still have to go out and then go back to Hengfeng Pharmacy for another doctor visit.”

Leng YouYu looked stunned. Man’er called her “Leng YouYu”? But she used to call her “Biaojie” [Older female cousin].

She didn’t know how she got off the carriage or how she left Hua Manor. She only knew that Hua YuMan was starting to dislike her. In fact, she didn’t like Hua YuMan either because she lived too happily. So happily to make one envy and hate her.

In the carriage, Yintao asked, “Xiaojie, I think you’ve changed. In the past, you would never treat Biao Xiaojie like that. But I like this current Xiaojie. That Biao Xiaojie was always someone who was different from her outside appearance, saying one thing but meaning another.”

Hua YuMan unconsciously looked at Yintao more. The previous Yintao also said these same words to her once, but she felt Yintao was sowing discord. So after Yintao made a mistake, under Leng YouYu’s coercion, she transferred Yintao away from her side.

Thinking of this, she softly told Yintao, “You don’t have to be polite to her anymore. You are my people. Your attitude represents my attitude. Compared to her, you’re more like family to me.”

Yintao’s eyes reddened after hearing those words. Xiaojie treated her like family. Wuu wuu… [Sobbing sounds]

“Xiaojie, even in death, Yintao will still be loyal to you…Xiaojie, you said those words so I would cry to death from being touched right…wuu wuu…”

Hua YuMan smiled while patting Yintao’s crying and smiling face, “Why make it sound so serious? Sit well so we can be on our way. Your Xiaojie has a big mission to do. You might need to help.”


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