Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 10 Blaming Her, Part 2

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Hua YuMan smiled happily listening to her father’s words. Her family loved her so much. She must carefully protect them.

“Father, I’m fine now. But we can take these silvers with a clear conscience. You can use these silvers for my soldier brothers.”

Her words made General Hua smile. He patted her head and happily said, “Okay, my daughter is a good role model. But be careful in everything you do. Don’t be reckless.”

“I understand!”

“Go ahead. I know you want to leave the Manor!” General Hua waved at her.

“Thanks, father!” Hua YuMan ran with a smile.

She ran out of the Manor and went towards the carriage. As she was climbing on, she saw Leng YouYu. She climbed like she did in the past onto Hua YuMan’s carriage.

“Why did you sneakily ran away that day and not brought me the medicine?” Leng YouYu angrily stared at and criticized and blamed her, feeling indignant on First Wangzi’s behalf.

Hua YuMan didn’t speak with a cold face. She really wanted to kick Leng YouYu off but she couldn’t. The things that happened in her previous life hadn’t occurred yet. Even if she wanted to hate and to take revenge, she couldn’t find a reason right now. She could only stay silent.

Yintao could see her Xiaojie’s mood. She also had a cold face, “Biao [Cousin] Xiaojie, our Xiaojie was also critically wounded. She stayed in Hengfeng Pharmacy for a long time. Laoye and Furen even went to Tian Ta Temple to pray because of this injury. You’re not even concerned about Xiaojie, only being concerned about and speaking up for others.”

Leng YouYu was stunned. She found that she was careless. But she could not tolerate a little servant girl talking her like that. So she made a face, “Your Xiaojie and I are talking. Why are you as a servant interrupting? Slap your mouth for me.”


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