BONUS 2/3: Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 87 Part 2


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In the evening three days later, Hua YuMan secretly asked Jueming for some laxatives. Without even blinking, she put the laxatives in the drinking water of the hundred people. Of course, she also asked for an antidote. She said to Jueming, “You can leave now. Thank you for these past few days.”

Jueming saw that she didn’t even slightly hesitate as she used the drug. He couldn’t but shudder. Fortunately, the person she wanted to deal with was not himself. “Take care!”

As soon as the words fell, Jueming disappeared into the night. His speed was incredibly fast. Hua YuMan shook her head. She couldn’t possibly attain such magical qinggong.

The next day was the day the Phoenix Woods departed, but no one showed up into the morning. This made the recuperated Han Yun very angry.

Hua YuMan looked disdainfully at the people. “What did you do last night? You all smell so bad.”

“Hua Xiaojie, we don’t want to either. I suspect that someone drugged us.” A young man somewhat bigger than Han Yun spoke. He was considered as the leader of this group of people. After Han Yun, his official position was the highest. He was a fourth-rank vice general.

Hua YuMan didn’t let him say anything else and directly interrupted him. “Then why are we okay? We’re the only people here in this desolate place. Can it be that we have a spy among us?”

She sighed. “I don’t know where the spy came from. My Han Yun gege is the earliest victim. If you make any discoveries, you have to let us know. People from our General’s Manor is not so easy to bully. If I find out who harmed my Han Yun gege, I will make him regret being born.”

Han Yun laughed. He reached out and rubbed her hair. “This silly yatou saying silly things.”

However, the feeling of being protected by his meimei was really nice!

“Xiaojie, didn’t the godly doctor give us some detoxifying herbal tea at the Ancient City of Fengyue? There’s some powder there that will staunch diarrhea. Why don’t we make them some tea?” Yintao carefully reminded.

Hua YuMan nodded. “Go boil it then. And put some fragrant petals in. These people stink. Even the air smells.”

Since they were despised, the people automatically moved farther away. They self-consciously smelled themselves and the others around them and couldn’t help but disdain each other.

Hua YuMan no longer paid them any attention. She covered her face with a handkerchief and went inside the tent. Han Yun went to check the Phoenix Woods.

Yintao and QingQing boiled a large pot of tea and put flower petals into each teacup. Then they called the people over to drink. The people felt more comfortable after drinking it. They seized the time to rest and prepare to set off. Hua YuMan took the petals that Yintao and QingQing collected and began to divine the truth.

The results were better than what Hua YuMan had imagined. Other than three people who were First Wangzi Li Ji’s people among the one hundred people, only two were spies. They were responsible for inserting the red liquid in the Phoenix Woods.

However, the thing that made her the most furious was that Han Yun gege’s arrow injury was a result of that fourth-rank vice general’s sneak attack. The reason was that someone gave him 5,000 silvers to take Han Yun’s life. As for the mastermind, because the time to drink the tea was short, the petals did not reveal the person.

It seemed that she needed to find some time to come into contact with that fourth-rank vice general surnamed Lin.


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