BONUS 1/3: Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 87 Must Be Tired of Living to Dare to Touch His Woman Part 1


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Hua YuMan had already open her mouth to stop the people who were chopping down trees. “Stop. You don’t have to chop the trees down. Go open a road from here and clear away the wild weeds, so that it will be easier to transport the Phoenix Woods down the mountain.”

“Hua Xiaojie, are you sure you want to assign tasks this way?” The middle-aged leader blinked, as if he was thinking whether he should do things according to what Hua YuMan said.

“I am very sure. I’ll give you two days to build a road through this mountain. You don’t have to chop the trees down anymore.” She originally came here just to supervise. Now, she decided to personally be responsible for chopping the trees.

“Hua Xiaojie, what are your orders? We will do what you say.” Jueming watched for a while and felt that Hua YuMan was not an ordinary weak blue-blooded xiaojie. He finally realized at this moment that the person master liked could not be an ordinary person. That was why he volunteered to help.

“Then I will be troubling you.” Hua YuMan was not polite with him. She pointed to the branches on top. “First, cut off the excess branches. Then chop in one place on a tree. It will be best if the road is forged. We can directly roll the logs down the mountain. Line soft grass at the foot of the mountain. It will save time and effort.”

Some people’s eyes contained shock and some contained disdain. Finally, everyone went to follow Hua YuMan’s orders.

From the moment that he decided to help, Jueming had started to display his superior qinggong. He flew like the wind to land on top of that thousand-year-old Phoenix Wood. His figure flashed here and there and he removed all the branches. He flashed his sword twice and a big tree was missing from the top and bottom. A long truncated Phoenix Wood appeared. Not even see one gash could be seen on the Phoenix Wood. One couldn’t help but applaud.

Hua YuMan was exceedingly happy seeing that Jueming was superior to a hundred people, but she only faintly nodded. “There’s still eleven Phoenix Woods. Please!”

This wasn’t hard on him anyway and since it was her command, he naturally obeyed.

When they arrived at the second Phoenix Wood, QingQing lightly pulled Hua YuMan and whispered, “Xiaojie, this one is no good. There’s a hole in the middle. A lot of red unknown liquid is inside.”

“What?” Hua YuMan exclaimed. She looked around and her expression turned ice-cold. She whispered in QingQing’s ear, “Look at all the Phoenix Woods that they chose. Find the markings that they have left. If it’s strange, immediately get rid of it……”


QingQing called Yintao over and the two went to find the rest of the Phoenix Woods. They discovered that five Phoenix Woods had problems. They immediately cleared the markings away, re-selected five new ones, and made the same markings. Then they quickly returned to report to their Xiaojie.

After hearing them, Hua YuMan’s expression became more inscrutable. She quietly followed Jueming as he chopped down all twelve Phoenix Woods. She personally saw the Phoenix Woods pile together and had someone stand guard before she left.

When it was dark and Jueming was cooking, Hua YuMan had Yintao and QingQing stand guard while she told Han Yun what happened today.

Han Yun was deep in thought after hearing what Hua YuMan said. An idea formed in his eyes. “Man’er, this cannot be publicized. I came to Manshan because Third Wangzi recommended me. If something happens to me, Third Wangzi will also shoulder some blame, so let Third Wangzi handle this.”

Although Han Yun did not directly say it, Hua YuMan understood. This was related to the battle for position of Taizi between the wangzis. Although she understood, Hua YuMan was exceedingly unhappy because the one being used was her family member.


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