Bonus: Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 67 Explosion Part 1/2

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“Okay.” Mi XueHen stood to the left of Hua YuMan. Li Yang stood on the right and helped her with the fishing rod.

After the wire was thrown, QingQing once again directed. “Xiaojie, forwards… to the right, down, no, up again. Yes, circle it. Xiaojie, pull it up…”

This time Mi XueHen quickly took the fishing rod over from Hua YuMan and started reeling. Li Yang also helped him reel the wire in. Their actions were experienced, as if they had tacit understanding. After a while, a large wooden box was brought up. It wasn’t an iron box and there was no iron handle. This wooden box was encircled by the wire of petals. Mi XueHen and Li Yang were surprised. The wire could automatically wrap itself around a box underwater? This was impossible.

Li Yang’s first thought was that Xiao Yumao controlled the petals. He smiled proudly. This unobtrusive, deeply hidden yatou was his woman.

Hua YuMan didn’t pay attention to the two’s expressions. Her mind was focused on the big wooden box. It was almost twice as big as the iron box from before. What could be inside it?

Mi XueHen looked it over and found nothing dangerous. Then he opened the wooden box. He was stunned silly. Inside was a meter-high God of Wealth statue made entirely of gold. It was very vivid, with detailed carving.

Li Yang was also startled for a long time. It was a really big item. Who had so much courage to put such an item in their house? The national treasury was the only and best place for it. Ah!

Hua YuMan naturally also felt that this large object was a hindrance. She generously said, “I don’t want this. I’ll gift it to you.”

Li Yang smiled and nodded. He turned and said to Mi Xue Hen, “Give this to the Emperor half a month later. Let him give me another month off.”

[TL Note: How sneaky Li Yang is…]


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