BONUS 3/3: Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 87 Part 3


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They had not travelled for longer than an hour when the sounds of horses’ hooves sounded in front of them. Soon, a group of people arrived before them. It was Third Wangzi Li Qi, who was sent to meet up with Han Yun.

Li Qi obviously knew that Hua YuMan was there, so he wasn’t surprised. His voice was slightly cold as he said to Han Yun, “Is there any problem with the Phoenix Woods?”

“No problem!” Han Yun looked strangely at Third Wangzi. He thought that he should speak privately with Third Wangzi.

But Third Wangzi obviously did not think that. Han Yun’s gaze confirmed the news that he had received. He waved his hand and several people came up. “What a good ‘No problem.’ Capture Han Yun for me. Check all the Phoenix Woods. In addition, detain Hua Xiaojie. You are not allowed to leave!”

“Third Wangzi, what are you doing?” Han Yun was really angry. Was Third Wangzi blind? He actually made a move against him without asking him the ins and outs of the matter. It was fine if he made a move against him, but he actually dared to move against Man’er too. That was going overboard.

Hua YuMan was also surprised, but she frowned and didn’t say anything.

Right now, she hated Li Qi. She wanted to see what Li Qi was going to do.

Third Wangzi did not answer Han Yun’s question. He ordered people to directly randomly cut open the Phoenix Woods. They seemed to be looking for something. Finally, the Phoenix Woods were smashed into small pieces. They looked meaningfully at Third Wangzi.

Third Wangzi was even more shocked. He personally went over to inspect the Phoenix Woods. After he ascertained that there was no abnormality, he was stunned silly. He couldn’t react for a very long time.

Did he receive fake news? He actually destroyed the prepared Phoenix Woods.

Hua YuMan couldn’t help but coldly sneer. She didn’t know what kind person let Third Wangzi know about the “blood” in the Phoenix Woods. Thus, Third Wangzi rushed here and wanted to capture people without asking about the rights or wrongs. He even destroyed the Phoenix Woods himself.

“Are you smiling?” Third Wangzi turned to see the faint smile on Hua YuMan’s face. His eyes were wide open and his face was angry.

“Is Third Wangzi looking for those bloody Phoenix Woods? I have to disappoint you then. I didn’t cut them down. I really wasted someone’s intentions!” Since it was inevitable to avoid the confrontation with Third Wangzi, she would strike first. There was no way that she and Han Yun gege would be his scapegoat.

“You…… This……” Third Wangzi’s intentions were revealed by her. His expression looked worse.

“Since Third Wangzi thinks Han Yun did something wrong, then Han Yun will return to the capital for punishment!” Han Yun stepped forwards and blocked in front of his meimei. He blocked Third Wangzi’s cold and embarrassed gaze.

Third Wangzi was ashamed and waved his hand heavily. “You return. Benwangzi will personally take care of things here.”

“Man’er, are you returning to the capital with me or are you going to Yangcheng?” Han Yun knew that matters were difficult. If he could avoid participating, then he wouldn’t participate.

Hua YuMan thought about it and said very seriously, “Han Yun gege, when you get back, you have to carefully investigate that Vice General Lin. He was paid 5,000 silvers from someone to kill you. I will spend a silver to buy her life.”

Because Hua YuMan did not lower her voice, everyone heard her words. Even Vice General Lin was shocked. His body couldn’t help but shiver and he almost collapsed.

“Hua Xiaojie, you cannot false accuse me!” Vice General Lin fiercely stepped out, intending to fight to the death with Hua YuMan.

“Man’er, are you serious?” Han Yun was very surprised. She actually said it out loud. Wouldn’t this alarm the enemy?

But he did not know that Hua YuMan wanted to alarm the enemy. That was because when Third Wangzi arrived and everyone was distracted, she secretly took off a petal from her hairpin and affixed it to Vice General Lin’s clothing. She was very clear on what he was thinking of in his rage.


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