Bonus 3/3: Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 69 Unpleasant Public Display of Affection Part 1/2

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Leng YouYu stood next to Li Ji and was full of resentment. Thirteenth Wangzi hugged Man’er in a completely protective gesture. He also clutched her hand tightly and refused to let go. Such a public display of affection was unpleasant. She and First Wangzi had already been intimate, but they had to maintain a proper and polite manner in front of others. How could this Hua YuMan be so bold?

“Thirteen, I didn’t expect that you like beautiful women. Imperial brother misunderstood you before.” First Wangzi Li Ji also felt that Thirteen hugging someone in public was unseemly, so he couldn’t help but ridicule.

Thirteen’s head didn’t even lift up. His face was serious as he said, “That’s because the beautiful woman is her.” His meaning was that he didn’t just love all beautiful women. It was because she was his Xiao Yumao, that he loved her.

Thirteen’s words attracted everyone’s attention. Everyone’s eyes invariably switched from him to the Hua YuMan protected in front of him.

In their view, this was a little yatou with a good appearance and identity. Although she was young, it was hard to conceal her beautiful figure. She wasn’t scared being held by Thirteen. She wasn’t even bashful or turned red like most girls would. Her gaze at everyone was indifferent. Her temperament wasn’t especially good, but because of her overly indifferent expression, she and Thirteen’s expression were very similar and matching.

Seeing everyone’s eyes on Hua YuMan, Leng YouYu’s fists clenched. She lowered her head to mask the jealousy and hatred in her eyes.

Hua YuMan wasn’t happy that everyone was looking at her. But with Thirteen’s protection, since she didn’t have to speak, she naturally did not speak.

Her eyes looked to the front. A small corner of a building was indeed revealed in the sea. It was not difficult to guess that was the corner of an Ancient City building. There were already a lot of people moving back and forth in the water, seeming to look at something. Just as she was thinking whether those people could find the treasure trove, the sea suddenly shook. The people in the water disappeared. Those on the shore realized something was wrong and started running in all directions.

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