Bonus 2/3: Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 68 Not a Whim Part 2/2

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She quickly walked over and took XueMeng from Yintao’s hands. Carrying it, she stroked XueMeng’s soft fur. She smiled, “Our XueMeng is really clever.”

Before her departure, she had XueMeng send a letter to her parents. She didn’t expect it would be back so soon.

XueMeng blinked at her. She stretched her paw out to hand a rolled-up, thin letter to Hua YuMan. Hua YuMan carried XueMeng into the treehouse and left Li Yang behind.

Her letter to her parents told them that she was accompanying Thirteenth Wangzi to the Ancient City of Fengyue. Her parents’ letter told her to pay attention to safety, stay away from the water, and maintain distance from Thirteenth Wangzi. Although they were engaged, before they married, they should pay attention to propriety. They also wrote that the wind was strong, so she should wear more clothes, not get sick, and such homelike words. Hua YuMan both cried and laughed reading the letter.

Seeing that Xiao Yumao didn’t come down to eat for a long time, Li Yang could only have Yintao bring it up to the treehouse. He contemplated in depression whether his status was below that of a small rabbit’s.

After the meal, Hua YuMan followed Thirteen to the cliffside. Yintao stayed behind to take care of QingQing and XueMeng. There were indeed lots of people at the cliffside. But once they came over, First Wangzi and Third Wangzi made a place for them. Hua YuMan uneasily clutched Li Yang’s sleeve.

Li Yang knew that she didn’t want to face Li Ji and Li Qi, so he took her hand and half-hugged her into his arms. Then he looked down at the situation by the sea.

Thirteen’s action made people couldn’t help but be shocked. A lot of people were silently critical. So Thirteenth Wangzi really did like women. It was not a whim when he asked the Emperor to bestow a marriage.

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