Bonus 1/3: Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 68 Not a Whim Part 1/2

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“She was probably stunned by the light. XueHen, take her to the doctor to take a look.”

“Don’t be afraid, QingQing. We will go to the doctor immediately.” Hua YuMan was anxious. She pulled Li Yang’s sleeve. “Let’s go back too.”

“Okay.” Li Yang picked her up and turned away.

Soon, the sun rose and more and more people walked towards the sea. The area turned lively.

On the other side, Hua YuMan stayed by QingQing’s side. She finally relaxed when the doctor said that Hei QingQing would be fine after waking up.

It seemed that no matter who it was, it wouldn’t be easy to take away the treasures.

After eating the breakfast Yintao brought over, Hua YuMan slept for a bit. When she woke up, it was already noon. Li Yang also looked like he just woke up. When he saw Hua YuMan, he raised his lips and came over.

“Let’s eat lunch together. We’ll watch people dive underwater in the afternoon.”

“Not looking. I’m not going.” She would rather sleep longer in the afternoon, because there was a 80%-90% chance that she would meet someone she hated if she went.

“Really not going? The explosion earlier made the water shallower. Two hours ago, there was another explosion. Now, a part of the sea revealed a corner of the ruins of the ancient city. That side is already full of people. Someone found a lot of scattered pieces of gold underwater.”

“Then let’s go see!”

“So reluctant?” Li Yang faintly smiled. This yatou was really different from the average woman. She didn’t even have basic curiosity and a desire to join the liveliness.

“There is some reluctance, but that’s fine. Since I came here, I might as well join in the liveliness.” Hua YuMan was about to eat, but saw Yintao carry a small rabbit over. She looked closely. Wasn’t that her XueMeng?


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