One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 47 Part 3/3

But Aaron could not be angry or shout at the guards with low mental power. He knew that once he became emotionally excited, he would immediately be held down and forcefully injected with sedatives. Then he would be thrown into a small room for a day. Even the prison guards who would communicate with him weren’t there. A completely closed-off world awaited him. Aaron was confined twice before he started to behave.

Aaron only spent one week in prison before he became extremely depressed. In the past three years, although he had been sullen, he had still maintained a Prince’s pride. But now, the last trace of pride in his eyes was erased. He was gradually becoming numb like the other prisoners in this prison.

Instead of letting Aaron die so easily, how could it compare to letting him spend his life in humiliation and pain in prison to relieve He Yan’s anger?

Aaron was still very young. In this world where the life expectancy was 230 years old, there was still an extremely long and painful life waiting for him.

He Yan thought calmly as he looked through some information his ministers had provided about Aaron’s life in prison.

There wasn’t much official business today. After the King and his omega ate lunch, the King got a bit sleepy. His omega eagerly and happily sat down on the sofa and looked at the information regarding Aaron’s imprisonment. The King laid his head on He Yan’s lap and looked for a while before eventually falling asleep. When he woke up, his omega was doing something else. He had logged into his alternate account to urge the citizens to ridicule and abuse Aaron and arouse their sympathy and compassion for the King. He didn’t forget to praise the King from time to time.

A week had passed. The citizens’ anger had not reduced in the slightest. On any online forum, more than half of its posts were about Aaron.

The King squinted at the Queen who was focused online and hadn’t noticed that he was awake. He wrapped an arm around He Yan’s slender waist and buried his face in his stomach. He kissed up and down the soft waist and stomach through the clothes.

He Yan was a bit itchy from the kisses. He reached out, patted the King’s head, and ruffled his soft blond hair. “You’re awake?”

The King didn’t reply. He used actions to answer He Yan’s question. He continued kissing and even stuck his tongue out to lick. Although it was through the clothes, the thin layer of fabric didn’t stop much. The more excessive thing was the King licked twice and gently bit He Yan’s soft stomach. He Yan was startled. He hissed and helplessly pushed that misbehaving head away. “What are you doing?”

The King sat up after being pushed away. He reached out for his Queen’s shoulder and pulled him into his arms. He kissed He Yan’s ear and whispered, “Nothing.”

Something wasn’t right.

The King was abnormally clingy today.

Well, actually, his King had been a little too insecure this week.

He Yan patted the King’s back comfortingly. “Let’s go out for a few days if you’re unhappy. We haven’t played anywhere since our honeymoon.”

Although he said that he didn’t care, when the verdict really came out, he would still unconsciously be sad.

The King immediately regained his spirit. He said, “We don’t have to go out. We will still be happy playing at home.” His hand slid to his omega’s hips and patted it. He even pinched him.

He Yan: “…………”

As a kind lover, He Yan calmly chose to forgive his dumb lover.


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