One Hundred Ways to Become a God Chapter 47 Part 1/3

The army arrested Aaron in the office and brought him to the suspension boat in the full view of everyone, as if they had no intentions to hide this matter. Hence, in just two hours, the news that the Empire’s only Prince was arrested because of treason exploded on the entire optical network.

Almost all of the forums were discussing this matter. The citizens’ reaction was much more intense than when General Cheshire was arrested three years ago for treason.

This was a Prince after all! In over 1,000 years of the Empire’s history, there were only two treasonous princes. Aaron was the third.

[Fat chai chai]: First, there’s General Cheshire. Now, there’s the noble Prince Aaron. Are these pampered nobles too bored? They want to harm their country so much. The Empire has been peaceful for a few years, but someone can’t sit still already?

[Touching a fish and kissing it]: Idiot, idiot, idiot. What kind of thing is a treasonous Prince? I always thought that this sort of thing only existed in the history books. I didn’t think that I would really see this sort of thing in my lifetime……. Questioning my life!

[Fat rabbit]: The previous King and Queen Hathaway died in the Great War. Did our Prince forget how his parents died? Treason. Huh. Huh.

[6 to the Nth power]: I’m silently distressed about our King. The previous King and Queen have passed away a long time ago. Now, his only brother is a traitor. The Prince will likely be sentenced to death. Our King really won’t have a blood relative anymore. Fortunately, there’s still our Queen who can comfort our King.

[Meow meow meow meow dog]: There must be conclusive evidence about this matter or the royal family wouldn’t announce this with such fanfare. An announcement must be coming soon. I want to see how our Prince is traitorous. I heard that the royal Supreme Court had an emergency session today. I bet a cucumber that we will have the results today.

[Are you a pig?]: I don’t understand. The Empire is so peaceful now. Aaron can be a Prince. Isn’t it nice to lie down and enjoy a lot of privileges? How much water is actually in his brain to commit treason?

Sh*t. Eli assaulting the King that year must have something to do with Aaron. But the Prince may have gotten Eli to do his dirty work too cleanly, so he wasn’t found out. The King may have detected it back then. After all, you can see that that King began to alienate himself from the Prince at that point.

[3,000 streets]: According to the previous commenter, the Prince wants to replace the King as King? Mmmm, what does he misunderstand about himself? Let’s not talk about how our King’s strength is above his. But just from the point of view of his character, I think that our loyal King who dotes on our Queen (although he seems a little dumb sometimes), is a hundred times better than that stallion, okay?

I will always remember that when the King ascended to the throne, it was the most chaotic the Empire has ever been. The King fought at the border for several years before leading the army to end the Great War and pulling the Empire out of the quagmire of war.

I can say childishly that the King is always a hero in my heart. I really don’t know what the Prince is doing as his biological brother!

[There’s a really good man here]: The commenter above, I always felt that the Prince is shameful as an alpha. Seriously, if he’s not a Prince, how many people will care about him? Actually, there aren’t many slags like the Prince and Viscount Elian among us alphas. There are more of us like the King who listens to our wives. I hope everyone won’t misunderstand the entire group of alphas because of these two people.


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